Brand image for the magazine that has become a cornerstone for underground culture in Milano

We founded PTWSCHOOL in 2008 because we felt the need to create a space that showcased everything that we found interesting, with no compromises. 

Over the years, it became a leading independent magazine on the Milanese underground music scene. We approached the new brand identity and design with the same spirit that started it all 10 years ago.

We brought the magazine’s image up to date without detracting from its existing aesthetic and keeping in mind a format that could present a large amount of content with the trademark PTWSCHOOL tone. All characterised by a simple style and powerful visual impact. 

PTWSCHOOL is a project that we founded ourselves, that we believe in and that we have worked on since day one: we collaborated closely with the editorial team, supervising graphic design and creative output. It is an important and longstanding professional project that embodies our profound desire to keep going where our passions take us.

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